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About us

“Children do not need to be made to learn about the world, or shown how. They want to, and they know how.” ~ John Holt

"We need to move beyond the idea that an education is something provided for us, and toward the idea that an education is something we create for ourselves." -Stephen Downes

Join Taunton Home Education

If you are a home educating family based in Somerset or a surrounding area who agrees with our Aims (see below) and would like to get more involved or just benefit from the added support of being part of our group you can join as a member. Simply read our aims and key rules to check you are okay with them, read the Privacy Notice about how we use and protect any personal info  then download a form from here and send it in with your membership sub








If you have any queries or need this form in an alternative format  just email us at

Membership benefits include:

*A Membership Card you can use to demonstrate your HE status to take advantage of HE rates or workshops at attractions

* A real say in what we do and how we do it

* Representation of your interests to Government and public bodies

* Support and advocacy - e.g. support for benefit or grant applications (DLA/PIP/family fund etc) for your children/family, advocacy if you have trouble at any point with the local authority.

* Members' Fun Days, socials, classes, visits and activities.

*  Publications and access to the Members' Area and HE Calendar on this site.

Our aims are to:

* Foster friendship and mutual support among HE families.

* Promote and defend our human rights to home ed free from unnecessary state intrusion.

* Provide a range of social, educational, creative and sporting activities for HE families and information about educational opportunities.

Our main rules in summary are that a) parents must take responsibility for their own children's safety at group activities and events and supervise their smalls and b) we are all equal, we listen to each other and treat each other kindly and with respect. You can read our policies and rules here.

Membership Form

Welcome to Taunton Home Education! We are a group of families from Taunton and all across Somerset who home educate our children.

Every parent has a legal responsibility to ensure their children get a suitable education - we have chosen to fulfil that duty outside the school system.

By choosing home education you have the freedom to live and learn with your kids in the way that best suits them. It can sometimes be hard work but it is certainly a lot of fun!

We are a big, friendly diverse bunch and there's a lot happening locally. We have regular meet ups, classes and events, produce publications (see Publications section) and support each other in our home ed journeys.

Our children range in age from babes in arms through to teens and we come from lots of different backgrounds.

Privacy Notice

Taunton Home Education - Governing Document and Policies

Constitution of Taunton Home
Equality Policy
Data Protection Policy
Behaviour Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Fire Safety Policy
COVID 19 Policy (Addendum to Health and Safety Policy)
Complaints and Suggestions Policy
Virtual Meetings and Activities Policy
Safeguarding Policy
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