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Clockwise starting from top left:

* Cornet practice 

*Putting together a combustion engine

*Planting an Oak tree for Earth Day

* Making Snow globes, bathbombs and sock snowmen at our 'Arctic Antics' event

*We sent toilet jokes to our MPs on World Toilet Day to get them to step up action on clean, safe loos for everyone around the world

* Dragon puppets were one of the activities at our 'Vicious Vikings' event

* Stunning Easter egg designs at 'Easter Eggstravaganza'

* A delicious curry cooked up at our Cookability class

* Learning ancient construction skills.

* Get your big sis to help you learn your letters!

* Getting to grips with the atom and physical and chemical reactions at Fun Science.

*'Baloo' and 'Mowgli' rehearse their lines in preparation for our Jungle Book production.

* Home educators are ever resourceful - an old cot is upcycled into a computer desk!

* Making dens is so much fun and we raised money for Save the Children too!

* We were happy we raised money for Water Aid!

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