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Meet ups & events

There are regular meet ups for home educating families in Taunton (Tuesdays), Bridgwater (Mondays), Oake (once a month on a Thursday) and many other towns around the county. We usually have a 'Not Back to School!" picnic in September and there is a big themed get together at least once a month on a Tuesday  at Weir Lodge in Taunton with lots of different activities to suit all ages and interests, space for children to roam and play and the chance to meet friends and make new ones in a relaxed environment.


We have held events on Native American History and Culture, the Vikings, Chocolate making, Earth Day, LGBT History Month and Star Wars to name but a few. There are resource packs relating to all our activity/fun days which you can download if you join our Facebook group.

Throughout the year there are always trips being organised by home edders and lots of informal get togethers. Check our Facebook page or the HE Calendar on this site for more information on what's coming up.

Please don't worry if your child doesn't do 'groups' you can use our Facebook page to hook up with other people whose kids are the same and you can arrange to meet up.

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